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After moving to Melbourne from Brisbane at a young age, Hao (above left) spent hours on end with Michael (above right) at the local take-away shop playing their beloved game, Street Fighter.

Their passion for quality food passed down from their families lead them to open the now popular beach-side eatery in Melbourne, NSHRY. With an award-winning burger to their name, the duo wanted to create a concept that would combine their experience together with their love for arcade games in Haoโ€™s hometown of Brisbane.

From this, Super Combo was born. 

Super Combo's burger menu draws inspiration from all over the world. Our burgers are complemented by a tasty selection of sides, and a unique collection of locally and internationally sourced specialty sauces.

โ€œThe full Super Combo experience will not only comprise of quality food and a distinct gaming theme but also a fun and quirky environment where you will be treated like family and can come to enjoy a break from the real world!โ€

- Owners Michael Nham and Hao Vu